Iron Harvest | The Great Wastes

The Great Wastes, or as was called in development “Forgotten Bastion”, is a map which saw a lot of changes through development and even more changes after it was delivered to the IH Team, and the end result is just gorgeous, which speaks volumes of the artistic capabilities of the team at King Art! Even … Read more

Iron Harvest | Struma River

Struma River comes from a one of a package of map layouts ideas and sketch that I did for King Art and was heavily modified to accept a new spawn (the 1v1 ones to the right), because after the success of Zeppelin Crash we felt more daring to doing map designs which might have been … Read more

Iron Harvest | Zeppelin Crash

It might not seem like it, but Zeppelin Crash just just such an incredibly challenging design to create, teams are divided diagonally inside a mirroried asymmetrical map!! The core idea of the map came internally from an existing pool of potential map ideas, tho I believe from Justin Zwack. And it was very, very hard … Read more

Iron Harvest | Oil Spill

Oil Spill was the first map I got to create and work on while at King Art Games, and it was rocky as I was very much getting used to the internal tools for its creation, but I had basically complete (ish) control of the visual direction given that the tileset/environment came from one of … Read more

Immortal | Frontiers

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Dawn Of War 3 | Naxos

Naxos is my first take on Dawn Of War III & the Essence Engine, it utilizes some very straight forward design paradigms with the two central highgrounds surrounded by plains fomenting players to fight for the highground advantage, all the while being open and large enough for armies to skirt around each other and get … Read more