Immortal, Gates Of Pyrus

Immortal: Gates of Pyrus | Unreal Engine 4


Responsibilities while working for Sunspear Games as a Level Designer & Environmental Artist included:

  • Grey boxing and map design.
  • Gamemode protyping and iteration.
  • Close design talks with Lead Game Designer on core gameplay problems and finding solutions to those.
  • Working with 3D artists and developing up our main asset production pipeline.
  • Polishing, modifying, retopologizing and optimizing our in-house and commissioned 3D assets.
  • Interfaced with Lead Producer to improve the marketability of our environment, all the while keeping it Lore friendly.
  • Pathfinding, Clipping/Collision and other general optimization.
  • Creation of Shaders, Environmental Art 2D and 3D.
  • Level dressing and simple gameplay lighting.

Most of the work I have done under Sunspear Games banner is still under NDA, so I can’t go into much detail other than it was just such a joy to work with the same team I had been working developing Vanguard Prototype. As they are truly committed to the craft of creating good Real Time Strategy titles. So much work has been put to engineering and creating a good foundation for it receiving praises from a considerable cross section of StarCraft 2 Progamers, Casters and community figures from other E-Sport titles.

Note, the assets showcased below aren’t all made by me, but in-house and 3rd party.