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Landscapes which are iconic & beautiful, yet clean & uncluttered, fit for competitive games.

Ablight | Unity


Responsibilities while working freelance for Cynaps Arts Entertainment as Lead Environment Artist and Level Designer on the production of their Vertical Slice.

  • Closely working with producers to minimize production costs and managing outsourcing of third party studios.
  • Concepting of our Level Design following guidelines from Lead Game Designer to ensure that the map works well with the unit designs which are scheduled to be produced.
  • Creation of complex yet optimized shaders, and deep integrations with systems like Fog Of War.
  • Made moodboards and simple concept art for quick testing of potential directions on the visual development side of pre-production and discussed them with Leadership for feedback.
  • Strong optimization and ensuring that third party assets would be up to spec and when they weren’t, then I would be working with third party outsourcing to fix future issues.
  • Production of textures, materials, meshes and debugging of texel density issues as well as mass lightmapping assets through batch processing on HoudiniFX.

Note, the assets showcased below aren’t all made by me, but mixture of me, in-house and 3rd party.

Iron Harvest | Unity


Responsibilities while working freelance for KingArt Games as a Multiplayer Level Designer & Level Artist included:

  • Grey boxing and map design of several levels from sketch to delivery.
  • Strongly interfaced with Lead Level Designer and other Level Designers and Artists, quickly iterating on our environments and aiming varied gameplay for each independent map.
  • Pathfinding, Clipping/Collision and other general optimization with in-house tools.
  • Created moodboards and other visual tools to showcase/pitch new environments, props and assets for 3D prop artists to create and leadership to discuss.
  • Created Level Design documents providing feedback and pain points for the at the time available multiplayer maps and how to improve them for better user experience and improved gameplay.
  • Level dressing/Level art of game world using procedural tools and simple gameplay lighting, final lighting to keep consistency through the game was implemented by Lead Artist Stefan Obst.

Note, the assets showcased below were made by the great team at KingArt Games, my work with them was specialized/limited to Level Design and Level Art!

Immortal: Gates of Pyrus | Unreal Engine 4


Responsibilities while working for Sunspear Games as contract Environmental Artist & Level Designer included:

  • Grey boxing and map design alongside Gamemode prototyping and iteration.
  • Close design talks with Lead Game Designer on core gameplay problems and finding solutions to those.
  • Working with 3D artists and developing up our main asset production pipeline.
  • Interfaced with Lead Producer to improve the marketability of our environment, all the while keeping it Lore friendly.
  • Pathfinding, Clipping/Collision and other general Level Design optimization.
  • Creation of Shaders, Environmental Art 2D and 3D.
  • Level dressing and simple gameplay lighting.

Note, the assets showcased below aren’t all made by me, but mixture of me, in-house and 3rd party.

Vertical Slice


Dawn Of War III | Essence Engine


As a community Mapmaker I developed two multiplayer maps for the Relic title Dawn Of War 3.

Maps were greatly appreciated by the community, and to this day they are used on the Dawn of War 3 Weekly Gamenights .

Vanguard Prototype | Galaxy Engine

Vanguard Prototype as the name implies was a prototype Real Time Strategy game developed within the StarCraft 2 game engine, with the goal of becoming a full fledged Real Time Strategy title. My responsibilities on this year long project included;

  • Game Designer specialized on the game’s economy and macro aspect of resource gathering systems.
  • Lead Multiplayer Level Designer.
  • Developed 11 different multiplayer maps from sketches to completion including environmental work, light scripting and QA.
  • Worked with other Game Designers and SC2 Pro-players on playtesting, balancing and map iteration.
  • General QA and maintenance of our levels and Tournament Map Pools.

To review Vanguard Maps, click here .
Note, Most of the assets used where those native to StarCraft 2 and its engine, though a considerable number of in-house assets and textures were made to add aesthetic flavor.

StarCraft II | Galaxy Engine

After spending many, many years doing Multiplayer Level Design in the StarCraft 2 Community, I have built a large group of friends where we all share the common interest of creating pretty and interesting maps. I have been very lucky to help build this community, were now Blizzard and SC2 DevTeam relies on us to provide high quality level design which is well liked by the broader community members and Progamers.

I myself have won several mapmaking contests and received praises from Blizzard’s SC2 Art Department and DevTeam for the creativity of my designs, art and insight of my perspectives. It has been quite the long and at times wild ride, and I am very much looking forward to participating in many cool discussions, creating many different maps and many more new environments with new teams and people!

All of my SC2 work can be found on and be played without issues on StarCraft II by searching the map’s name in the Custom Games section.

E-Sport worthy Level Design

Competitive levels which are interesting & balanced, while giving players great agency and fun are my specialty.

Discussions and Thoughts

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Extensive Game & Level Design talk can be found on the blog of .

If what is within my KTVMaps blog isn’t satiating enough, video streams and full SC2 Mapmaking feedback videos can be found on my Youtube Channel, every 6 months or so I’m invited to work as a Map Judge to the Blizzard sponsored TeamLiquid Map Contest, in order to judge community submissions and decide which ones are the maps that would better fit the official and highly competitive ladder map pool for StarCraft II, so there’s plenty of content, feedback videos and write ups to go around.

TeamLiquid Map Contest Feedback Threads

And of course, my channel where there are tens of hours of Multiplayer Level Design discussions.