El Brujo

El Brujo | Unity

El Brujo is a small project I did with a friend for the UNIDOS; HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH 2020 jam, it was tons of fun to create the entire art for the game from concepting and moodboarding to finished 2D Pixel Art pieces, never having done much of pixel art at all, it was super fun to learn such a different yet similar pipeline, I even tried doing some small animations, but sadly bc of time they had to be cut.

All shader work was done by me, and getting the Tree Eyes to work through shaders alone (ShaderGraph is quite the toolkit, very much looking forward to where it will end up in the future) was quite the challenge, but super rewarding at the end.

Sadly we ran out of time on the programming side of things, and all too many of the enemies, or parts of Brujo itself are not functional, but I am still quite proud of the environment, and we even received some nice comments congratulating us for it from other Jam submitters!

Try out ElBrujo below!