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Vanguard Prototype | Galaxy Engine

Vanguard Prototype as the name implies was a prototype Real Time Strategy game developed within the StarCraft 2 game engine, with the goal of becoming a full fledged Real Time Strategy title. My responsibilities on this year long project included;

  • Game Designer specialized on the game’s economy and macro aspect of resource gathering systems.
  • Lead Multiplayer Level Designer.
  • Developed 11 different multiplayer maps from sketches to completion including environmental work, light scripting and QA.
  • Worked with other Game Designers and SC2 Pro-players on playtesting, balancing and map iteration.
  • General QA and maintenance of our levels and Tournament Map Pools.

Vanguard Prototype is a proof of concept RTS Mod to StarCraft 2 which gained its fair share of popularity with some big tournaments and weekly large playtest meetups. It was developed under a very agile administration, doing very, very quick iterations as everybody in the team was very used to working with the available tools and knew all the inner workings of them, which created a very positive atmosphere through the team.

My main work during Vanguard was working very, very closely with Lead Game Dev Travis Toller so we could balance out any gameplay deficiency through Level Design or Unit Balancing, which ended up creating a very structurally solid core gameplay loop, which at the same time could be harnessed to spin off new Factions/Races as we so desired because we had the institutional knowledge of how to achieve these changes built up already.

Many of the maps and layouts built through Vanguard Prototype’s life have now been stored for use in Sunspear Games arsenal new title Immortal: Gates of Pyre.

Games of Vanguard Prototype can be found in Sunspear Games main Youtube account, or in Jakatak’s Youtube channel (Jakatak is now Lead Community Manager at Sunspear Games)

Sunspear Games Youtube

Jakatak’s Channel

Note, Most of the assets used where those native to StarCraft 2 and its engine, though a considerable number of in-house assets and textures were made to add aesthetic flavor.