Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest | Unity


Responsibilities while working freelance for KingArt Games as a Multiplayer Level Designer & Level Artist included:

  • Grey boxing and map design of several levels from sketch to delivery.
  • Strongly interfaced with Lead Level Designer and other Level Designers and Artists, quickly iterating on our environments and aiming varied gameplay for each independent map.
  • Pathfinding, Clipping/Collision and other general optimization with in-house tools.
  • Created moodboards and other visual tools to showcase/pitch new environments, props and assets for 3D prop artists to create and leadership to discuss.
  • Created Level Design documents providing feedback and pain points for the at the time available multiplayer maps and how to improve them for better less awkward gameplay.
  • Level dressing/Level art of the game world using procedural tools and simple gameplay lighting, final lighting was implemented by Lead Artist Stefan Obst.