The KTVMaps Website first started as a small repository for my own work, I found it very hard to go around looking on TeamLiquid’s Custom Maps section for my own work to share elsewhere such as Reddit, Twitter or simply to friends and family, also because I am generally a curious and I very much enjoy doing graphic design work the website slowly morphed into its own little project.

As the website grew in scope and I grew as a Mapmaker, I started to set up blogs and Level as well as overall Game Design write ups there, other times I would just forward them directly to SC2’s DevTeam through a “telephone game” like system of “people who knew other people who knew a Community Manager”. Fun times ~ But that’s just the everyday of needing to inter-phase with such a large company as Blizz. And I learned a lot from these exchanges which now I see them as just the learning process we all need to go through.

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For these in the know, and for these less in the know I formed part of a rather important-ish block of people at the start of Legacy Of The Void expansion claiming for changes to the Macroeconomic structure of SC2, this was a very important and pivotal point for me, where from a Level Designer I started delving deeply into System’s Design, System’s Efficiency and how small scale changes reverberate through the broader macro scale of strategy games. Butterfly Effect and all of that. If there’s some interest Id highly recommend reading Clarifying Issues with SC2 Lategame Armies and LOTV Economy: Worker Pairing, these pieces are just shameless nerdiness and might be very much enjoyed by other GameDevs and shine a light into how the systems they work so hard to create could have small bugs which drive the entire systems on completely divergent directions.