Small section for day to day moments, and small showcases.

Directed Procedural Workflows | HoudiniFX


For a long time I had been wanting to delve more towards Procedural Workflows when doing my Level Design. For the last year I have been devoting myself into mastering HoudiniFX, and at least on my end of things, I am starting to be rather proud of the work I have been able to do, even when it is certainly straight forward in the minutia, it is still very challenging and rewarding, which is made me enjoy it very, very much! Houdini is most certainly the most intimidating art related piece of software I have come upon, but, Oh My God, is it powerful.

El Brujo | Unity


El Brujo is a small project I did with a friend for the UNIDOS; HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH 2020 jam, it was tons of fun to create the entire art for the game from concepting and moodboarding to finished 2D Pixel Art pieces, never having done much of pixel art at all, it was super fun to learn such a different yet similar pipeline, even tried doing some small animations, but sadly bc of time they had to be cut.

To read more about El Brujo and its LookDev process, click here.

Immortal: Gates of Pyrus VSlice | Unreal Engine

Note, the assets on ingame screenshots showcased below aren’t all made by me, but mixture of me, in-house and 3rd party.

Rainbow Racer | Unreal


Small game that I was using to hone my Zbrush skills, alongside general environmental art, and learning more general Unreal tools and blueprints.

Small Scenes | Blender Cycles

2014 2017

Small pretty low poly and simple scenes to practice general visual composition in 3D and simply because it is just fun to do them.