About Me (1992)

I used to be a pretty normal guy, playing RTS and other games now and then, until 2010 when I discovered the absolute thrill creating new worlds and environments on the SC2 Engine, ever since I haven’t stopped, even worse, the thrill of creating things keeps getting better!

I’m a E-Sport and Competitive Multiplayer Level Designer, my jam are Isometric and specially RTS games, and that is simply for the mind numbing complexity and balance requirements they require and offer, I love these kind of huge challenges and Art & Level Design offers me said challenges every time I have a new idea for a map.

I have had the joy of working with wonderful people on passion projects over the last 6+ years, managing high stakes StarCraft Tournaments Map pools, handling QA for all kinds of projects, be them Multiplayer Esport Maps and Levels, or Single Player campaigns.

My biggest achievement it has to be getting both the First and Second places on the Blizzard sponsored, TeamLiquid Mapmaking Contest #5. From then on, KTV Echo, passed to become a WCS Ladder map, my second one behind Foxtrot Labs, and was enjoyed by players of all levels, including the very best StarCraft II players at GSL. From those years, I have moved away into other areas of Game Design, such as more Management roles on Game & Level Design communities, and teaching new StarCraft Mapmakers the dark arts of E-Sports Level Design!


Game & Level Design

  • Experienced on prototyping/pre-production in game & level design positions, agile prototyping.
  • Long experience on multiplayer level design for highly competitive RTS games, scripting levels, greyboxing.
  • Experience on single player RTS Game pacing, challenging design, game balancing.
  • Strong quality assurance experience, and general level optimization.
  • Considerable experience level dressing & level art in order to allow for good viewing experiences on Multiplayer and E-Sport settings.


  • Applications: Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Photoshop, Marmoset Toolbag, Blender, 3DS Max 2011, NDO.
  • Engines: SC2 Galaxy Engine, Essence Engine, Unity, Unreal Engine.
  • Languages: Visual Scripting, SC2 Scripting/Trigger work, HTML, CSS. (Unity Experience: simple C#).


  • Deep understanding of the inner workings of strategy games and RTS in particular.
  • Strong quality assurance skills, honed over the years of doing Level Design for highly competitive Multiplayer environments.
  • Strong Teamwork, communication skills and something which I consider of high regard: Empathy.
  • Calm under high stress situations (Done bug fixing for Live E-Sport tournaments!).
  • Forward Thinking, always trying to identify possible future pain points so possible future problems can be easily addressed.

Projects & Work History

Immortal: Gates of Pyrus • Sunspear Games • Lead Multiplayer Level Designer, Environmental Artist (2018)

  • Grey boxing and map design.
  • Gamemode protyping and iteration.
  • Close design talks with Lead Game Designer on core gameplay problems and finding solutions to those.
  • Working with 3D artists and developing up our main asset production pipeline.
  • Polishing, modifying, retopologizing and optimizing our in-house and commissioned 3D assets.
  • Interfaced with Lead Producer to improve the marketability of our environment, all the while keeping it Lore friendly.
  • Pathfinding, Clipping/Collision and other general optimization.
  • Light creation of Environmental Art, 2D and 3D assets.
  • Level dressing and simple gameplay lighting.

TeamLiquid Mapmaking Contest • Blizzard Entertainment | TeamLiquid.net • Judge & Quality Assurance/Level Optimization (2017-2019)

  • Discussion & selection of maps based on the selected desired outcomes of StarCraft II Development Team alongside Pro-Gamers and other SC2 Community figures.
  • Optimized the art, terrain and assured the technical quality of the TeamLiquid Map Contest finalists, in order to streamline Blizzard’s QA pipeline, and avoid issues with the official TeamLiquid Map Contest E-Sport Tournament.
  • Gave technical data about possible technical engine issues with certain map selections and implemented fixes to said problems.
  • Communicated with finalists in order to give tangible map feedback to contest participants and future submitters.

Dawn of War III Community Mapmaker (2017-2018)

  • Creation of maps for the Dawn of War III community.
  • Environmental dressing of levels.
  • Working with the DoW III community to fill the gameplay gaps of Relic’s official multiplayer map pool.

VanguardPrototypeSunSpear Games • Lead Level Designer, Level artist, Quality assurance. (2016-2017)

  • Prototype, design, implementation, optimization & QA of Multiplayer maps.
  • Environmental dressing of levels.
  • Asset modification/creation to fit the environmental concept art.
  • Level balancing for multiplayer games, maps used on competitive Vanguard Prototype E-Sport Tournaments.
  • Discussed and give feedback to Lead Game Designers for possible system modifications to address balance and design issues, including deep economic game economy systems.
  • Agile iteration of levels, greyboxing.

StarCraft Mapmaking Association • MapCave.net • Director (2014-2017)

  • Administrative yet very hands on position.
  • Created communication links with Blizzard Entertainment Community Managers & Developers.
  • Managed several SC2 E-Sport tournament map pools, and gave advice about market strategy to promote the usage of high quality community level design.
  • Mentored & helped newer community mapmakers to create high quality multiplayer level design.
  • Wrote extensively about specific level design frameworks, and how to approach the balancing of highly competitive RTS titles such as StarCraft II.

StarbowMod • Level & Game Designer, Quality assurance & Optimization (2014-2016)

  • Prototype, design, implementation, engine optimization & QA of StarBow multiplayer maps.
  • Map pool design & oversight.
  • Level dressing, gameplay & engine optimizations, quality assurance.
  • Discussed and gave Lead Game Designers feedback over unit balancing and terrain interactions/unit-terrain balancing.
  • Worked with Lead Game Designers on implementation of unit design ideas.

StarCraft II Community Mapmaker/Modder • KTVMaps.wordpress.com (2010-2017)

  • Creation of maps for the StarCraft II E-Sports community.
  • Prototyping, production, playtesting, iteration, environmental concept art & environmental dressing of levels.
  • Writing of level design guides for other community mapmakers & Pro-Gamers.
  • Writing of game design opinion pieces from the ground level for the StarCraft II Development Team. (A Mapmaker’s Perspective series)
  • Mentoring of other newer community mapmakers.
  • Maintenance and updating of older Community Tutorials and Guides.

Tournament administrator, E-Sports map pool manager & quality assurance: